The Proper Way to Choose an Eyeglass

Wearing eyeglasses is extremely important in terms of making sure that you can see clearly. Having vivid eyesight is very crucial; you would surely want to ensure that your chosen eyeglasses would fit the shape of your face and the color of your skin. To learn more about  eyeglasses, click stylish glasses. This article would teach you on how to properly choose the best pair of eyeglasses for you.

Know your contour - try to see yourself in the mirror and know what your facial contour is. If you have an oval shaped face then there is a proportion between your jawline and forehead. However, if your face is round then the width and length would look even. To get more info, click Liingo Eyewear. A base-down triangular shaped face usually have a wider cheeks, wider jawline, and with a narrow forehead. Lastly, the square shaped face usually has an equal-shaped jawline and forehead.

If your face is oval-shape, find eyeglasses are have similar width to the widest part of your face. The lenses should not be too narrow.

If you have a round face, you should choose an eyeglass that will reduce the circular appearance of your head. Pick an angular or narrow frame so that your face would look a bit longer. Rectangular frames are actually best for you.

If your face is a base-down triangular shape, it is possible to attract more attention to a much narrow features by means of wearing a fancier and more detailed frame with atypical decorations or shape. However, if you have a based-up triangle face, you should pick a rimless frame so that it will reduce the widest portion of your face.

If your face happens to be square-shaped you might like to have an eyeglass that would add more softness. Pick the narrow eyeglasses with much greater width than its depth.

Color guides

Every person has either cool or warm coloring. The warm coloring is simply yellow-based; however, the cool coloring is based on the blue color. Whenever you are looking for the best frame for you, you must first know your coloring. Your skin tone would give you an idea about this. People who have cool colorings is best with the blue or pink undertones. On the other hand, people with warm coloring are best with peaches or yellow undertones. Almost 60% of the Americans have cool complexions. Once you already know what your coloring is, pick an eyeglass that suits these undertones. For cool complexions, eyeglasses that are amethyst, rose, silver, magenta, purple, or gray will be best. For the warm complexions, eyeglasses like umber, plum, coral, copper, gold, or red is a perfect choice. Learn more from